How do I know if I have a virus?

17 July 2009

You will often find that your computer is running much slower than usual and quite often it will get increasingly slower as time goes by.

Have a look at your web browser's history and see what websites you've visiting.

If you've been downloading numerous files or if you've been on questionable websites then it is highly likely that a virus or trojan horse may be present on your computer.

It may not even be affecting your computer, but just lying dormant in the background, or maybe you're a carrier who's simply passing the infection onto other contacts on your computer.

Which ever way you look at it, if you don't have anti-virus software in place, its well worth downloading one.

Acquiring an anti-virus program will minimise the risk or viruses for the future, and also eliminate any viruses you may currently have.

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7 tips to starting up on Twitter

9 July 2009

When you first start on Twitter you will have no followers and it will seem like a big up-hill struggle.

But don't give up straight away - like anything it will get easier in time and you sill start seeing the benefits of Twitter as a micro-blogging tool.

Here's my 7 tips to starting on Twitter:

  1. Twitter search - Find like minded people and start following them. If they also see benefit then they're likely to also follow you back.
  2. Link to your Twitter profile - You can link from your website, email signature and anywhere else you can place the link.
  3. Use RT - RT is commonly tweeted and means Re-Tweet. The aim of a Re-Tweet is that other people may also tweet the same as you and so others will help to build interest.
  4. @ Tweets - An @ tweet is replying to someone else's tweet. Replying to someone else shows that you're an active user and then you can start discussion and maybe a mini community.
  5. # Tags - # Tags, or hashtags are the way of also building a mini community within Twitter and these are great ways to join conversations with twitterers of the same interest.
  6. #FollowFriday - #FollowFriday is a hashtag that a lot of Twitter users use on a Friday and it's basically a way of introducing some of your Twitter followers to your other Twitter followers. If you ask some of you Twitter followers to introduce you then this may build up your followers.
  7. Subscribe to RSS - For every Twitter search that you make it generates an RSS feed that you can subscribe to. Making a conversation using a hashtag can then also be followed using teh RSS feed and so if you're seen to be an active, useful, knowledgeable user then this will again encourage others to follow you.

Once you have the followers you're after then you just need to be sure that you keep your tweets interesting.

Adding a link into your tweet is also a good way to generate traffic back to your website, and so it's a good way to generate a bit of hype and interest of an upcoming project on your website...

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