TalkTalk broadband setup ADSL problems

8 April 2009

Yesterday evening I went round a friend's house to sort their brand new TalkTalk broadband Internet connection.

Both computers were connecting to the network, but not to the Internet.

First thing to check is that the ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) filters are plugged into every phone line socket in the house that is being used.

If there are multi phone line plugs coming out of one then make sure that the ADSL filter is the closest thing to the wall socket, put it in place before any multi sockets are issued.

Once this is in place there should be some sort of Internet connection, however, it will default back to the "how to enter your router password" page on the TalkTalk router area.

You first need to login to your router by going to the IP address of it, default is usually

The default router username should be "admin" and your router password by default should also be "admin". Hit enter, and now you should be logged in.

 Now you're logged into your router and looking at it's firmware you need to click on "Get Started".

You will have received your router username (usually your phone number followed by "") and your router password with your TalkTalk pack when you first signed up. These details are now needed to connect your router to the ISP's (Internet Service Provers) network, TalkTalk.

Once these details are entered you should have Internet on your router's home page in a green circle with a tick to indicate that it's connected successfully. If this does not work then re-check your username and password by phoning the automated number provided.

This number will read back to you your username and password.

Enter these details correctly and your new ADSL TalkTalk Internet connection should now be connected successfully.

If more problems persist it may be worth checking that there is not a Firewall or other 3rd party piece of software that is blocking yout Internet connection from being successful.

Still more problems... Talk to TalkTalk!

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Petals around the rose game

7 April 2009

Petals around the rose is a simple application that I've built.

You could call it a mathematical game, or maybe just a bit of a puzzle - but either way it can definately keep people guessing for hours!

Basically you're shown 3 dice and then you're asked to enter a number - simple!

But it's not, give it a go a few times and see what results you get.

If you're still frustrated after your 20th go then I really don't mind you contacting me to find out the answer!

Download now

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Facebook page or Facebook group?

6 April 2009

Ok so a lot of businesses now are homing in on the success of Facebook and trying to use this to their advantage, but how should a business go about using Facebook?

In the terms and conditions it states that a profile should be used for a person alone and not for a group, organisation or business - so a profile is out. This leaves us with a Facebook page or a Facebook group.

A Facebook page uses the same layout as a Facebook profile (only recently made the change), whereas the Facebook group is laid out slightly differently.

Both a page and a group can be found through the Facebook search.

Both a page and a group can be found as links on Facebook profiles who are members/fans.

The group must be setup by a person and it will show the "group creator" on the group page, whereas (and this may be a benefit) a page doesn't need to show who the page was created by.

The page can have it's own status updates and have it's own wall.

Other applications can be added to the page to give it more functionality and more user interactivity.

The Facebook page can also show analytical data which can tell the Facebook page administrators how many page views it's had, how many fans there are, how many photos/videos were looked at, how old the people were who viewed the page and what gender the page visitors were as well.

Lastly the Facebook page can also send updates to fans of the page.

This is like an inbox message, but is shown seperatly on the users Facebook home page. These updates can be targeted or just sent to everyone and can only be sent by the page's administrators.

This arguement seems to be quite one sided really - and so in conclusion I'd suggest that a Facebook page, that Facebook users can become a fan of, is better for a business' appearance on Facebook, rather than a Facebook group.

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Why use return receipt on emails?

5 April 2009

Return receipt is a feature that most email clients offer.

It is a receipt sent with the email which prompts the email receiver to confirm that the email has been received successfully.

The return receipt should be used when sending an important email, or one of some urgency, so that you can be sure that the email has been received and read.

The drawback is that users can decide to ignore the return receipt and not notify the email sender that they have opened and read the email. This over-rides the return receipt and so makes it pointless.

I would never rely on the return receipt and so make sure you follow up an email with a phone call later if you haven't heard anything yet.

Any return receipts I receive I also send the response as this notify's the email sender that I have received and read the email successfully.

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Using Google Analytics to track file downloads

4 April 2009

I have been using Google Analytics on my websites for a long time now, but only a couple of days ago did  find out that it can track file downloads as well as page views.

The Google Analytics code can be obtained from

You will need to create an account if you don't already have one, and then install the analytics code by the instructions given.

The analytics will only work if JavaScript is turned on by the website visitor's web browser. If it is turned off then you will get no analytical data.

Page view analytics data is installed by placing the JavaScript code at the bottom of every page on your website. This can be done quickly if you are using a footer include or a common file on every page.

If you want to track a certain file, however, you must give the link to the file an "onclick" event.

The "onclick" event is "javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview('/file_path/file_name')" and the analytics will show whatever you chose to call the file (it may not even be the same name as the file - although that is advised so you don't get confused later).

Another thing to note is that the file download analytics can only be recorded if you're using the newer version of the Google Analytics code on your website.

See Google for full instructions -

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Where to submit your applications

3 April 2009

As well as website design and website development I also used to do a lot of Visual Basic programming.

I still do some now and again - but not half as much as I used to!

The applications that I built I thought I would put online to see what happened and if anyone would actually download them... Which they did!

I first published my applications on a website that I use for pretty much any downloading,

To Add my applications I first had to go to and create a profile, then a company, and then start submitting my applications.

I submitted 6 applications all together and from my applications were passed onto other sites that were part of the CNET group.

My applications ended up getting listed on lots of websites, including international ones.

This did my website wonders with the amount of links back to it and the amount of link juice being passed to me which managed to get my website to a PageRank of 2.

Because my applications did so well I continued to submit them to websites, but never found any website anywhere near as helpful as

The only problem I now have is that because I submitted the applications so long ago, my website has now changed. This was ok for the UK websites as they updated my information when I updated it online at, however, the international websites have failed to update my details - and even after about 8 months of pestering emails they have not conformed and updated my website listing internationally.

For this reason I have lost out on a lot of link juice which could have build my PageRank even higher - and for this reason I am very cautious about using this website from now on.

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Is MySpace a thing of the past?

2 April 2009

MySpace used to be THE social networking website to join. Everyone was on there, and then they introduced artist and music pages which then made MySpace the 2nd most popular source of listening to music online (after YouTube).

In early 2008 MySpace was still priding itself as being the best - but then came the revolution of Facebook which absolutely stormed the social media scene.

Facebook overtook MySpace at an unbelievable speed and from out of know where we found the new best social networking website.

So why did Facebook overtake?

Like MySpace, Facebook was also started as a university project.

Unlike MySpace, Facebook doesn't have music players on the page.

Unlike MySpace, Facebook profiles were not fully customisable.

Unlike MySpace, Facebook doesn't offer an artist or music page.

Facebook did have the instant chat first, but MySpace has also now implemented this feature.

I personally prefer Facebook because of it's neat and tidy professional layout and look.

Unlike the child like user interface of MySpace.

Facebook also doesn't have so many adverts all over the place - but instead it has targeted ads in the same position on the page and in a neat column without lots of flash and animated images.

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Word Grid

1 April 2009

Word Grid is like the recent game I released, Word Find, but on a larger scale with a larger grid.

Again you can build your own dictionary as you go along, and so if you save this in the same folder as the Word Find game then you can jointly build a dictionary using both applications.

An addition to Word Grid is the ability to extend your game length if you build words using "Q", "Z", "J" or "X".

Download now

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