2 games to play when I'm bored

14 September 2009

When I'm bored I'll always turn to the Internet...

I've recently been introduced to 2 highly addictive online games which are great to kill any boredom I may be experiencing.

The first game is called Bejeweled 2 - a simple, easy to pick up game where you need to join gems of the same kind to make them disappear and so score points.

  • Get 3 gems in a row to clear them.
  • 4 gems in a row to turn them into a power gem - which will be a glowing gem, and where put in a row will cause it to explode.
  • Or 5 gems in a row will gain you a hypercube - which will be a white glowing orb type piece, when used will get rid of every gem on the board with that same colour.

Bejewled 2 can be found at - www.popcap.com/games/free/bejeweled2

The second game is called Panda Pang.

Panda Pang is in Japanese (or a similar foreign language) - but basically if you click the top link on the main menu it will start the game.

Using your mouse you need to click to shoot what looks like fried eggs (but in green and blue).

When shot a few times the alien shape will divide into 2 more of the same shape, just a bit smaller than the original.

Once all the alien shapes have been shot away then the level is complete and you progress to the next level.

Using the power-ups available you can upgrade your gun, gain yourself a shield, pause all the alien shapes from moving, speed up your Panda, blow up all the alien shapes to their smallest fomr (not always a good thing) or re-generate all your gun's power to full.

Panda Pang can be played for free at - www.zeronews-fr.com/flash/pandapang.php


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