A short history about blogging

7 August 2009

Blogging over the last few years has increased immensely and is now taking over the use of online bulletin boards.

Originally used as online journals blog stood for weblog. As it became more popular and more used weblog got shortened to just blog.

People blog about personal experiences, interests, latest news and just anything thatís on their mind at that moment in time when they start typing!

There are many blog platforms out there, the most popular that you may have heard of include TypePad, Blogger, WordPress and Live Journal.

Blogger is completely free and can be setup as a subdomain of Blogger, e.g.
myblogname.blogger.com WordPress is a platform that can be downloaded for free, and then needs to be uploaded and installed on your own web server, meaning that although the platform is free, you will still need to buy a domain name and web hosting space to host it all.

TypePad is a paid for blogging platform that again needs to be setup as a subdomain, but then also allows website parking, so that you can have www.myblog.com which just shows myblog.typepad.com or you can just leave it on the TypePad subdomain and not need to buy a domain name and web hosting space.

So if Blogger is completely free and you donít even need to buy a domain name, why do people still pick the other 2 blogging platforms?

WordPress is often used, not only for blogging, but for complete website builds.

It has lots of additional plugins for extensible functionality, and also allows editing of all the code and layout.

TypePad is often bought because of itís functionality and search engine optimisation techniques.

TypePad allows trackbacks, whereas, Blogger doesnít Ė and trackbacks are really good to get more visibility on the Internet, to keep a trail of threads, to share common interests and to form a web ring between blogs.


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