Best ways of link building

20 April 2009

The best way of getting links back to your website is to help others and give them content that they're going to want to link to.

If this fails then you'll have to find other ways of getting those priceless links back to your website.

A lot of websites these days have a "nofollow" tag in the link and so these are no good for search engines - only for driving traffic to your website, so for starters let's avoid a website that has a "nofollow" link attribute.

When leaving a comment on a blog you will often find a "website url" field - this turns your name (who's leaving the comment) into a hyperlink back to teh website url that you entered.

Again if other comments have a nofollow then they're not going to help with search engines - but if you have something to say then you might as well!

When signing up to forums you'll quite often have a control panel where you can change your password, chose a different avatar, edit your signature, etc... Your forum signature is the key here as you can write what you want down there.

In my signature I'd always include my website link as on a forum it is a way of getting your website link all over the website really quickly - just contribute lots! Again if they're nofollow then the search engines will find no value here - but traffic to the website may be generated.

Online directories
Now with online directorites you have to be a bit careful.

Some online directories will take your website and send them to lots of directories all over the Internet, but this is a bad thing. Too many links back to your website in a short amount of time will lead to Google noticing that there's a big chance that you might be cheating.

It's better to submit your website to each online directory seperately.

Still be warey as to which ones you chose as you don't want lots of incoming links from spammy websites. Also be careful when they ask for money - as again, it could be a scam.

Articles and press releases
This I'd say is a great way to get links back to your website.

Write an article or press release and then submit it to the article and press release directories, just make sure you include a link back to your website (the originating website).

I haven't done much of this myself, so again I'd look out for scams and spammy websites, but if you find the right ones to submit to then this could be a great way to get your articles out there and, therefore, get your website's link all over the Internet.

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Current comments:

Peter Nichol says:

There are lots more ways - and also ways of generating traffic like through Twitter like you say - except Twitter has "nofollow" on the links and so no seo benefit will come of this other than traffic.

Other good ways of generating traffic include email campaigns and email signatures.

21 April 2009 5:00pm

SEO Doctor says:

Come on where's the rest!! C yer on Twitter !

20 April 2009 4:04pm