Best ways to promote a blog

1 May 2009

For starters, the easiest way to promote a blog is posting the link somewhere on a different website.

This is a way to hopefully generate some traffic and maybe get the blog's Page Rank up a bit in Google.

A simple link won't do though, there needs to be something to backup the reason as to why people should click on this link.

An extract from the blog could work, just a bit of text, enough to entice the user to click through.

Other ways to promote your blog would be through social networking, social bookmarking, word of mouth, good search engine optimisation and emailing the link to your friends.

Social networking like Facebook and MySpace will be a good place to post the link for others to click on.

Social bookmarking like Delicious and Digg are great places to add your link and then write a small review telling people why they should visit your website.

Word of mouth is always a good method to tell someone about your website, but will they remember to actually look when they're next in front of a computer - chances are, no! Maybe give them a business card and write the link on the back.

Good search engine optimisation will mean that actually you may not need to promote your blog all that much, but instead the search engines will promote your blog for you!

Emailnig the link to your friends is a very easy method, it can be done in bulk, and if they're checking their emails then they already have Internet access and so it's easy enough to just click through.

As well as the methods I've mentioned above (which are all free), you could also promote your blog by spending a bit of money and paying for Pay Per Click adverts.

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