Building a Keyword Ladder

24 September 2009

A keyword ladder is working backwards from your goal when it comes to keywords.

The aim is to optimise your website for the keywords that you want to be found through search engines, but not necessarily diving straight in at teh deep end - but starting at the bottom of the keyword ladder and working your way up.

For example - being a website designer, I want people to type in website design and be top - except with all the competition that is highly unlikely.

Instead you need to build a keyword ladder which will have other key phrases that will also do me good if found.

So the longer the search term, the less results there will be - therefore less keyword competition.

So after "website designer" my next key phrase would be "freelance website designer".

"Freelance website designer" still has my initial "website designer" in there and so will benefit me overall, but having the extra word just cuts down the keyword competition and so gives me more chance of being found.

Again I can target my results more and aim to optimise for "freelance website designer swindon".

Now that I'm using a geographical location the results should be cut right down.

So my keyword ladder would be aiming to get a lot of traffic for "freelance website designer swindon" once that's top (or close to), then I'll optimise my website more for "freelance website designer" and once I'm on the first page of Google and getting plenty of traffic for that search term then I'll work on optimising my website for "website designer".

Although the more keywords in your key phrase means there will be less competition, it will only be drawing in a small percentage of your goal keywords.

Including your main keywords is lower steps of your keyword ladder is a big benefit as when it comes to optimising for your main keywords you've done a lot of the work already.

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