Disk Cleanup

1 August 2009

A disk cleanup is an easy process that will empty your recycle bin, clear your temporary files and delete other un-needed files to make some more space on your hard drive.

Go to “My computer” and then right click on your primary hard drive (usually C drive). From the menu select “Properties” and it will show the hard drive capacity and how much free storage space is still available.

Just to the right of the pie chart you will see a button named “Disk cleanup”, click it.

It will take a little while, sometimes as long as a couple of minutes (especially if it's the first time), and then it will show you a list of tick boxes which are all areas of your computer that can be cleaned up.

If you know what you're doing then tick the ones that you need, if you're not too sure then it's probably worth ticking them all (it will show how much hard drive space you're going to gain once the process is finished, just underneath the list) – and then click “Ok”.

Again, depending how many files needed to be cleaned up, it may take quite a while.

Check your hard drive storage now and you should have gained additional storage space.


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