Facebook analysis

23 April 2009

If we want to do a Facebook analysis to see how it is benefitting your website's traffic then you can use an analytics program on your website.

Google analytics for instance will tell you which website referred the traffic to you and so you can find out if it was Facebook or not that referred the traffic.

If you're using Facebook as an online business presence then in order to do some Facebook analysis you will need to have set up your business presence as a page, as apose to a profile or a group.

Facebook page's can provide, the administrator of the page, insights which will allow the user to carry out some Facebook analysis.

From Facebook insights you can find out how many people visited your page and how many fans your page has - and on top of this find out how many videos or pictures have been viewed, whether the visitor is male or female and also the person's age.

A lot of analysis can be carried out using a Facebook page which will help your business presence on Facebook target your key customers more directly.


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