Facebook page or Facebook group?

6 April 2009

Ok so a lot of businesses now are homing in on the success of Facebook and trying to use this to their advantage, but how should a business go about using Facebook?

In the terms and conditions it states that a profile should be used for a person alone and not for a group, organisation or business - so a profile is out. This leaves us with a Facebook page or a Facebook group.

A Facebook page uses the same layout as a Facebook profile (only recently made the change), whereas the Facebook group is laid out slightly differently.

Both a page and a group can be found through the Facebook search.

Both a page and a group can be found as links on Facebook profiles who are members/fans.

The group must be setup by a person and it will show the "group creator" on the group page, whereas (and this may be a benefit) a page doesn't need to show who the page was created by.

The page can have it's own status updates and have it's own wall.

Other applications can be added to the page to give it more functionality and more user interactivity.

The Facebook page can also show analytical data which can tell the Facebook page administrators how many page views it's had, how many fans there are, how many photos/videos were looked at, how old the people were who viewed the page and what gender the page visitors were as well.

Lastly the Facebook page can also send updates to fans of the page.

This is like an inbox message, but is shown seperatly on the users Facebook home page. These updates can be targeted or just sent to everyone and can only be sent by the page's administrators.

This arguement seems to be quite one sided really - and so in conclusion I'd suggest that a Facebook page, that Facebook users can become a fan of, is better for a business' appearance on Facebook, rather than a Facebook group.


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