Firefox Addons

18 April 2009

I've noticed a lot of blogs with a similar kind of entry to this - and so I thought I'd share with people which Firefox Addons I have installed and use.

The first - like everyone else is the Web Developer toolbar. This allows disabling Javascript, turning off cookies, selecting a different style sheet for a website you're viewing, view form informaion, image information, web page information, resize your window, and lots of things that I don't actually use - but I'm sure they're helpful.

Next I use SEO Quake. When I first started using Firefox ages ago I thought I'd add this addon as I heard it was good - although I never understood it. Now, after I've been playing with Google Webmaster Tools for ages, it makes a lot more sense and I understand what it's all about. Find out a web pages PageRank, and how many internal links a website has.

Delicious social bookmarking. Well this addon I decided to install once signing up to delicious. When bookmarking with delicious all you need to do is click the button on your tolbar at the top, rather than navigating to the website and then adding a new favourite.

IE Page is a big favourite of mine - allowing to switch a web page so that it renders in Internet Explorer. This is handy when testing a website, and also I had to use this when connecting to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) a few times as well as it only allowed me to connect through IE.

Lastly, I use Stumble Upon. Now this toolbar I rather like for it's inspiration! If I'm a bit bored, or am having a designing mental block - I'll just click stumble, and see where it takes me. It will basically pick a random website depending on the user's interests and display it. Sounds simple and nothing to it - but I like it!

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