Flaw in Firefox on the Apple Mac

12 June 2009

When using Firefox on an Apple Mac you should make sure that you have Java disabled.

Java applets on Firefox when using an Apple Mac computer are able to cause a malicious attack.

The malware that attacks the Mac would be automatically downloaded without the user's knowledge.

Once on the Mac the malware allows others to take control of your computer and have the ability to delete files.

At last count Apple has been aware of this problem for 5 months, yet still has not made a fix for this.

I accept that Firefox may not be an Apple product and that they want to only maintain their own software - but the fact is that Firefox is an ever growing web browser with a massive fan base and so Apple should really think about this and make the fix.

To read more detail on this you can read the article I found - www.webuser.co.uk/news/283003.html


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