Free Tools - AdAware

20 July 2009

AdAware is an application that will remove any adware and spyware from your computer.

The type of sypware that is common would be things like key-tracking software, which can be used to find usernames, passwords, email addresses and credit card numbers.

Spyware is installed without the permission or consent of the computer owner.

Adware is unrequested adverts that will be downloaded direct to your computer.

Adware is often found in freeware or shareware applications that you download, and the adware is their source of revenue.

Often adware can be detected when a lot of pop-ups or advertising banner ads start appearing on your computer.

Going to “add and remove programs” will never completely remove adware or spyware.

To remove them you will need a specialist “adware and spyware” removal tool, like AdAware.

You can download AdAware from

I recommend running AdAware about once a month.

Having adware and spyware on your computer is not always noticeable straight away; however, you will often find your computer is not running to its full potential.

Adware and spyware can often be downloaded/installed without the user’s knowledge and so running AdAware once a month will eliminate any ongoing problems.

Once a month simply start the AdAware application, check for updates, and then run a full scan on your computer.

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