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22 July 2009

AML Registry Cleaner is another exceptional application to keep your computer in excellent condition.

Although the website doesn't look legitimate, I have used this application extensively on 4 different computers and it's now been several months and I have found no problems with any of them.

You can download AML Registry Cleaner from

Once downloaded please install and then run the application.

The application offers a registry back-up so that if anything does happen to go wrong for you - then you can restore your old settings with ease.

The registry cleaner will remove any registry entries that no longer exist, that contain errors or that are harmful to your computer.

You will be faced with a list of the registry entries that can be cleaned up.

If you know what you're doing then you should pick and chose from the list and remove the registry entries that you no longer need.

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Current comments:

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11 January 2010 7:34am

registrycleaner says:

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25 August 2009 7:31am