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19 July 2009

AVG Anti-Virus I've found to be the best anti virus software out there, plus it's free.

You can download AVG from

When you first download AVG Anti-Virus you need to install it and then set it up.

AVG runs in the background of Windows meaning as soon as a virus is detected, it will flag it up straight away.

Everyday when you start up your computer, AVG will run a quick script to check if there are any updates available, and then will download them straight away, this wont effect your day to day working.

You can run complete scans with AVG, but this isn't usually necessary, as it will alert you instantly when a virus is detected.

As well as protecting your computer from viruses, AVG is also used to scan all of your inbound emails.

Also available from the same manufacturer is AVG Internet Security which offers antispyware, anti-rootkit, anti-spam, firewall, safe downloads, safe instant messaging, safe search, safe surf and free support. But this is a paid version, up to you, but I've never had a need for it.

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