How long before website changes take effect?

22 April 2009

Google has said that it can take up to 3 months to crawl a website, meaning that when you change your website it may take these 3 months in order to notice the effects take place in search engines.

If it's a new website that you're putting live then to get best results you will need to:

  • Submit your website to Google and the other main search engines
  • Submit a sitemap to Google
  • Link to your website from another high quality website - so that when the other website gets crawled Google will pick up your website and add it to their list of websites to crawl

If the website has been running for a while then there's not a lot more you can do - but re-submitting your sitemap can't hurt (as long as it's not too often).

If it's a blogging website then it's an idea to ping Google with your latest blog entry as and when they become live.

If you still notice no changes after a while then it may mean that the change's you've made were not significant enough to have effected Google's ranking for your page.

To keep tracks on what Google crawls and what they've already crawled it's worth setting up Google Webmaster Tools which will help you keep tracks of what Google has crawled, any errors and how many websites are linking to you.

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