How many pages should my website have?

10 April 2009

The easy, and correct, answer to this question is - to have as many pages as you need.

As long as you cover everything you want to cover on your website then that's fine - there's no point adding more pages just for the sake of it as you'll probably end up just babbling and struggling for content.

In your main website's navigation you should have no more than 7-9 links, and so if you have more than 9 pages then you'll need to categorise the content covered on your pages and then create sub navigation.

Every page of your website should be no more than 3 clicks away - whether it's a main navigation, sub navigation, then a page link - or whether your user goes straight to a search feature and clicks to search and then clicks for the page they're after.

When thinking about how many pages - don't think the more pages the better, as this may affect your ability to optimise a page to it's full potential.

Each page of your website should cover a different topic and so be optimised for that topic and that topic alone.

Once you've sorted out your main navigation and start using sub navigation then it's easy to add more pages at a later date if you need to, simply categorise your new topic within one of your current navigation options.

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