Is Facebook note's the same as a blog?

11 April 2009

Facebook notes are, I guess, like blog entries, except without most of the functionality from a normal blogging script.

Blogs are archived into months and years, as well as being categorised.

Facebook notes are shown in reverse date order (so the newest is always at the top) but not have categories or search by date features.

Blogs can be pinged off to other blog services to announce that a new blog entry has been posted.

Facebook can post something to your profile to say that you've written a new note.

Google does crawl Facebook notes - but I'm unsure whether this is Facebook profile notes - or just Facebook page notes. The reason I am unsure on this is because of the vast privacy settings that Facebook allows us to do, limited profile, only friends can see updates, hidden profile, etc. And there's no way for Google to know whether the person currently doing the search is a friend of the person who's Facebook note it is.

Facebook does not optimise very well with a note, whereas, on a blogging script it will tend to be optimised purely towards your blog entry's title.

I am also unsure as to how often Google crawls Facebook pages and so by the time a note is listed in Google, it may well be old news.

Blogs on other hand can be crawled daily if they're very active and seen as very useful to Internet users.

Ok so in answer to the original question - Is Facebook note's the same as a blog? - No, they're completely different and shouldn't be used for blogging.

You will not get as much Internet coverage using Facebook, but you may attract some of your Facebook friends to have a look.

If you want to be blogging - start a blog, don't take the quick, easy and cheap option of Facebook notes.

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