Is MySpace a thing of the past?

2 April 2009

MySpace used to be THE social networking website to join. Everyone was on there, and then they introduced artist and music pages which then made MySpace the 2nd most popular source of listening to music online (after YouTube).

In early 2008 MySpace was still priding itself as being the best - but then came the revolution of Facebook which absolutely stormed the social media scene.

Facebook overtook MySpace at an unbelievable speed and from out of know where we found the new best social networking website.

So why did Facebook overtake?

Like MySpace, Facebook was also started as a university project.

Unlike MySpace, Facebook doesn't have music players on the page.

Unlike MySpace, Facebook profiles were not fully customisable.

Unlike MySpace, Facebook doesn't offer an artist or music page.

Facebook did have the instant chat first, but MySpace has also now implemented this feature.

I personally prefer Facebook because of it's neat and tidy professional layout and look.

Unlike the child like user interface of MySpace.

Facebook also doesn't have so many adverts all over the place - but instead it has targeted ads in the same position on the page and in a neat column without lots of flash and animated images.

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