Optimising for a keyword

27 August 2009

Each page of your website should be optimised for something different.

Your home page would usually be optimised for your company/organisations name, then sub pages should be optimised for the purpose of that page.

Each page should have a different title and page description and these should be very relevant as the title is one of the best methods of optimising for search engines.

<h1>, <h2>, <h3> tags on every page - optimising for the correct terms.

<h1> should show the most important text, and therefore will be the biggest on the page.

<h2> is usually for sub headings down a page, and are very important, just not as much as the <h1> tag.

<h3> is more important the bold text, but not as important as the <h2> tag.

Meta keywords and meta description should both be in place, even if the meta kewords aren't so important to search engines these days.

Page text should be keyword/keyphrase rich (but not over doing it).


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