Other CMS platforms

29 January 2009

Today I got to try out some different CMS platforms.

WordPress I have been working with for a while now as I'm maintaining a website for a client that uses this CMS option.

At first impression I thought that it had too many options and that it was too complicated, but I soon picked it up and have no trouble at all using it.

The CMS is well known as a blogging platform, however the client who I'm maintaining the site for use it as a complete site CMS.

I've seen that there's a lot of plugins for extra WordPress CMS functionality as well.

Drupal I found very low standard compared to the others - however once again there was a lot of plugins out there for extra functionality.

CakePHP I think looks really good and I love how easy it is to change the layout of a page and how easy it is to add modules and change the content.

CakePHP I would recomend as it is so easy to use and has lots of functionality, and like the others has plenty of plugins that can be downloaded and used.

Simple CMS again (I guess it's a CMS thing!) has plenty of downloadable plugins and so matches up to all the other CMS platforms functionality wise.

Simple CMS also has a very easy to use navigation and editting of pages, but again I found a lot of it a bit complicaeted and long winded.

The most flexible CMS would have to be either CakePHP or Simple CMS.

Easy to update and maintain content would have to be WordPress, although I may be a bit biased here as I use this one the most, but it was so eay for me to pick up and it isn't overly complicated with controls I don't need.

The CMS that I feel was in a lower league than the others would be Drupal, as this CMS platform wasn't as easy to use or navigate, or even seemed as functional as the others.

Hopefully I will be testing some more CMS platform options soon...


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