PayPal receipt for Play and Connect Ltd - Scam

5 May 2009

This is the first time I've written 2 blog entries in the same day, but I just got a scam email from PayPal which I thought I should warn people about.

The email I received was a PayPal receipt saying that I had spent 100 GBP to a company called Play and Connect Ltd.

I have not spent any money from my PayPal account since I opened it, but it still shook me a bit.

I use Mozilla's Thunderbird email client, and that flagged it as maybe being a scam email, so that made me hesitate straight away.

There is a link in the email to cancel the transaction, which when looking - the website link shown to us looks ok, but hover the mouse over the link and you will see that the link is quite different and actually doesn't even go to the PayPal website.

Another trigger that give it away as being a PayPal scam was the email address that the email came from - - The domain name isn't paypals at all, it's paypal.

Play and Connect Ltd's PayPal email address is apparently and so be weary of accepting anything from this email address, as if one thing is a scam then you may well get another scam from the same email address (

The product that I had supposedly bought from Play and Connect Ltd costing 100 GBP was called:

750 Gold
Item number 103 , uid: 1400473058 , uid2:

Other than me knowing that I hadn't bought anything with my PayPal account the email actually looks pretty legit and I'm guessing has probably caught a lot of people out already.

At a guess, clicking the "cancel transaction" link will take the user to a page, looking much the same as PayPal, and will then ask you to login.

Logging in will then provide the scam people with your PayPal username and password and then they will steal your money.

I hope this warning reaches you all in time!

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Current comments:

Peter Nichol says:

If you have received one of these emails you should just ignore it, or even flag it up as spam or junk so you don't receive more.

If you clicked through and gave your card details then you should alert your bank straight away about the fraudulent email and see what they suggest.

I'm not actually sure if PayPal know of this email that went out - but I will alert them of it now.

24 May 2009 4:25am

Danger says:

Cheers Peter, we have alot of scam emails connected with letting out our holiday cottages - this is the first from a Paypal spoofer. I guess Paypal are aware this is happening ?

22 May 2009 7:15pm

Hugh Stewart says:

Thanks for the information Peter. I also received on of these theiving e-mails and was not sure what to do until I read your blog. I must go now and delete this junk, Ta.

22 May 2009 2:55pm

Braulio says:

Thank you very much. I was a bit suspectious about it and you just confirmed it. So should just ignore it? Thanks

22 May 2009 12:46pm

Chris says:

Just noticed this exact same message in my spam folder. It does indeed look very legit, but I was alerted by the fact that it was addressed "Dear PayPal member". I don't use my PayPal account much, but I'm pretty sure it normally uses my normal full name.

Incidentally, exactly the same description of the item I had supposedly purchased.

14 May 2009 5:18pm

Jackie says:

Just found your warning after my Paypal account was suspended because I had paid to same scammers!! Just waiting for Paypal to sort it out- wish I had seen your warning before I opened it!

13 May 2009 7:47pm