Social Bookmarking

27 January 2009

Many sites that I go on these days always ask if I want to share the website with my friends.

These days there's loads of networking websites to pick from, but which ones are the best to sign up to?

Facebook is, as we know, the leading social networking website. Most people I talk to these days have a Facebook profile and so I found that sharing links on Facebook is always good for driving traffic, however links on Facebook don't seem to be crawled by search engines and so from an SEO point of view this doesn't help all that much.

Delicious is again a very popular bookmarking option and also offers an online profile so people are actually able to find my favourite links if they look.

Technorati, like Delicious, has an online profile where you can view my bookmarks, and so again this helps out with links back to a website and therefore increases popularity and score through search engines.

Although my Delicious and Technorati networks are pretty non-existent I've still set them up to show my links and have links to them so that they will still be crawled by Google (and other search engines).

If there's any other favourite bookmarking options please let me know what you use and what advantage I will find in using them.

I have just started using Google bookamrking, but am yet to explore the advantages of this so far.

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