TalkTalk broadband setup ADSL problems

8 April 2009

Yesterday evening I went round a friend's house to sort their brand new TalkTalk broadband Internet connection.

Both computers were connecting to the network, but not to the Internet.

First thing to check is that the ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) filters are plugged into every phone line socket in the house that is being used.

If there are multi phone line plugs coming out of one then make sure that the ADSL filter is the closest thing to the wall socket, put it in place before any multi sockets are issued.

Once this is in place there should be some sort of Internet connection, however, it will default back to the "how to enter your router password" page on the TalkTalk router area.

You first need to login to your router by going to the IP address of it, default is usually

The default router username should be "admin" and your router password by default should also be "admin". Hit enter, and now you should be logged in.

 Now you're logged into your router and looking at it's firmware you need to click on "Get Started".

You will have received your router username (usually your phone number followed by "") and your router password with your TalkTalk pack when you first signed up. These details are now needed to connect your router to the ISP's (Internet Service Provers) network, TalkTalk.

Once these details are entered you should have Internet on your router's home page in a green circle with a tick to indicate that it's connected successfully. If this does not work then re-check your username and password by phoning the automated number provided.

This number will read back to you your username and password.

Enter these details correctly and your new ADSL TalkTalk Internet connection should now be connected successfully.

If more problems persist it may be worth checking that there is not a Firewall or other 3rd party piece of software that is blocking yout Internet connection from being successful.

Still more problems... Talk to TalkTalk!

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