TinyURL blocked by Zone Alarm

8 May 2009

I've heard from a few people recently that when following TinyURL's they can't get onto the website.

TinyURL's are website URLs that are made shorter and re-directed form tinyurl.com

Creating a TinyURL will mean going to tinyurl.com and telling the website where the destination website is and it will create a shortened URL for you to use.

Twitter uses TinyURL for every hyperlink that people post, and then just displays the TinyURL. This helps with the 140 character limit that Twitter restricts us to.

If you cannot follow TinyURLs, or you're having a "Page not found" or "Operation timed out" error, then you want to check that something on your computer isn't blocking this.

Some people are finding that Zone Alarm is blocking these URLs, probably because you don't know what website you're going to until you click the link - and so Zone Alarm doesn't trust these.

To allow yourself to visit these TinyURLs all you need to do is add an exception into Zone Alarm's allowed list. The URL to allow will (in this case) be www.tinyurl.com but if it's blocking other URL shortening website as well, you just need to allow these in the same way.


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235 says:

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20 June 2009 10:55am