Too many Twitter followers?

21 February 2009

Yesterday I clicked to follow over 100 other Twitter users, and then again today I cicked to follow about 100 more.

But does this matter?

On Facebook and other social networking websites I'd only add people who are actually contacts or friends that I assoiate with, have worked with or have met whilst networking. This is because other social networks show personal information and are ways to stay connected to friends.

Twitter holds no personal information about me, except for a photo.

In my eyes, the more Twitter followers I have, the more visibility my Twitter updates will have, and so more traffic that will be generated to my blog entries.

Although I'm following a lot of Twitter users it doesn't mean they can see my Twitter updates - unless they add me as well.

My hope is that if I add 100 Twitter users, then at least 20% will follow me back.

At the moment I plan to add Twitter users of similar interests, and hope they also see the value, and follow my Twitter updates as well.

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