Top Gear's The Stig revealed

21 June 2009

Top Gear is the BBC's greatest car TV show.

Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson and co-hosted by James May and Richard Hammond, the TV show has thousands of people tuning in for every episode.

The Stig, the un-named star of Top Gear, tonight put an end to all the questions as to who is The Stig?

Back in January The Telegraph announced that it was a professional stuntman and Le Mans racer Ben Collins.

But tonight we find out that they were in fact wrong.

So who is The Stig, Top Gear's un-named star?

The Stig tonight entered the Top Gear studio, sat down with Jeremy and removed his helmet for the first time ever on television.

The Stig is... Michael Schumacher.

But is it always Michael Schumacher?

Questions are already spreading wildly all over Twitter:

  • How do we know it's always the same person?
  • How have the BBC kept The Stig on the pay roll?
  • Is Michael Schumacher really The Stig or is it a wind up?
  • Michael Schumacher can't be The Stig, they should have shown this on April fools day!
  • Wait a few minutes and the real Stig will walk in the studio, there's no way that Michael Schumacher has been The Stig all this time...

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