Transferring a domain

15 April 2009

Potentially you may never have to transfer a domain once you've bought it and have a hosting server.

Cases when you may need to transfer a domain might be:

  • You're using an online CMS (content management system) and want to edit it using FTP rather than online
  • You reach your bandwidth quota too quickly and so need to upgrade
  • You sell your domain name to someone else and so transfer it to their website hosting server
  • You find a cheaper web hosting server deal

Transferring a domain name can also quite often cost.

Depending on your hosting provider will depend how much - some even do it for free.

Depending on the TLD (top level domain) which is the end part of your domain, .com,, .net, .info, .org, etc... Depends on the cost.

Transferring domains is, more often than not, free.

The way in which a domain name is transferred is also dependent on the TLD. A domain (or other UK domain) just need to change the IPSTags to point at the new web hosting provider's IPSTag. For instance Heart Internet use the IPSTag HEARTINTERNET.

Once the IPSTags have been changed on the current domain name holder, then the new domain name holder needs to create a domain reference, build a holding page (or the whole website) and then request the transfer in.

If the new IPSTags match the tags of the hosting provider calling upon them, then the domain is transferred in and the new hosting comes into effect.

A .com (or world wide type TLDs) doamin requires an authorisation code be entered by the hosting service that's receiving the domain.

This process is a bit longer...

The current domain name holder needs to unlock the domain so that it can be transferred, they're then given an authorisation code.

The hosting service requesting the domain will then try calling the domain accross. Using the authorisation code that the current domain name holder has they will use this and request the domain name successfully (hopefully!).

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