Twitter Remote and MyBlogLog

27 March 2009

Twitter's Twitter Remote and Yahoo's MyBlogLog are two javascript applications that can be placed on your website or blog to show recent visitors to your website or blog.

MyBlogLog, a service owned by Yahoo, is a social network where you can join groups communities and also add friends/contacts.

MyBlogLog requires a YahooID and then will allow you to show every way of communication - Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and lots more social networking and web 2.0 websites.

Twitter's Twitter Remote doesn't require any additional signing up, but as long as you have a Twitter account you're ready to use.

MyBlogLog requires a line of JavaScript be placed somewhere on your website or blog entry. The JavaScript doesn't display anything on the page, but just records anyone who is currently logged into YahooID and has a MyBlogLog account as viewing your page.

On your MyBlogLog page it will show who has recently viewed your blog or web page. MyBlogLog applications are also available to place on your page so that it will show on your page who has recently visited it.

Twitter Remote is a piece of JavaScript that, again, is placed on your web page or blog entry and as long as the page visitor is currently logged into Twitter Remote it will show their face on the Twitter Remote, along with a few basic stats and some links to Twitter.

If you're not currently logged into Twitter Remote then you can login by clicking a link on the Twitter Remote. A small box will appear asking for your details, and then this will keep you logged in for every web page or blog entry that you visit from then on that has the Twitter Remote on it.

So down to the question at hand - which one, Twitter Remote or MyBlogLog, should you place on your page?

I have seen them both in action and my conclusion would be - use both (if you have the space).

If you have space on your website and you have a Twitter account then Twitter Remote will be a great way for visitors to get involved and also gives them a reason to return to your website and get their Twitter profile some more publicity and hopefully will gain them more Twitter followers.

MyBlogLog doesn't have to show anything on the page and so is well worth having on your website and blog entries. It will take a little bit of time to set it all up with all your different social networks, but once done it's a great way to get your links out there.

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