Use the right pictures online

24 March 2009

They say a picture can paint a thousand words - and so why not make every word count by using the correct picture.

Always make sure that you have permission to use the picture:

  • Don't pick a picture of Google Images and just use it
  • Ask permission if the picture is not yours
  • Do not break any copyright laws
  • Use your own original pictures
  • Do not use any offensive, pornographic or racist pictures
  • Buy pictures legally from websites like

Once the picture has been chosen you also need to put it in the correct place. Place the picture next to relevant text. The picture means nothing if it's just stuck on a page to make it look colourful and pretty. If there doesn't need to be a picture then don't add one just for the sake of it.

Never use a picture instead of text unless there is alternative text for the picture so that users with pictures turned off can still see what the picture was going to be of.

Keep consistency with your pictures - all have a set theme, set placement on the web page, set width or set height - don't mess up your website with untidy designs caused by pictures all over the place of different sizes.

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