Visual Effects - Windows Vista

26 July 2009

Windows Vista has many visual effects that may slow down your computer. It won't be very noticeable, but all of them put together will make a difference. Also the time it takes to start-up may also be faster once we've removed some un-needed visual effects.

I will list all the ways of speeding up performance, however a lot of these are down to user preference and so you may chose not to follow all of them.

To start with go to your desktop. Now right click and from the menu click “Personalize”

  1. Click the link saying “Window colour and appearance”

    • Click the button saying “Effects”
    • Un-tick “Show shadows under menus”
    • Un-tick “Show window contents while dragging”

  2. Click the link saying “Desktop background”

    • From the “Location” drop down, select “Solid colours”
    • Select a solid colour
    • Click “Ok”

  3. Click the link saying “Screen saver”

    • From the “Wait” dialogue box, select at least 6 minutes

  4. Click the link saying “Mouse pointers”

    • Click the button saying “Use default”
    • Un-tick “Enable pointer shadow”
    • Go to the “Pointer options” tab
    • Un-tick “Display pointer trails”

  5. Click the link saying “Taskbar and start menu properties” (found in the bottom left)

    • Un-tick “Auto-hide taskbar”
    • Un-tick “Show quick launch”
    • Click the “Notification area” tab
    • Un-tick every setting
    • Click the “Toolbars” tab
    • Un-tick every setting

From the address bar at the top go up one level to “Control PanelAppearance and Personalisation”

  1. Click the link saying “Windows sidebar properties”

    • Un-tick every setting

  2. Click the link saying “Folder options”

    • Click the “View” tab
    • Tick “Always show icons, never thumbnails”
    • Un-tick “Always show menus”
    • Un-tick “Launch folder windows in a separate process”
    • Un-tick “Remember each folder's view settings”

  3. Click the link saying “Network and Internet”

    • Click the link saying “Delete browsing history and cookies”
    • Under the heading “Browsing history” click the button “Delete...”
    • Read the options and if you no longer need your history and saved passwords then click the button “Delete all...”

  4. Click the link saying “Programs”

    • Click the link saying “Uninstall a program”
    • Select programs from the list that you no longer use (make sure you know what they are in case they're Windows updates or alike) then uninstall them

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