Website analytics are always useful

22 March 2009

Even if you don't analyse your website's analytics in depth it's still worth recording them.

"Why?" I hear you call - these analytics can tell you so much about your website, even just at a quick glance.

For instance, having a look at a line graph quickly you're always going to see the peaks - as these really stand out. Look at the date's of these peaks and you'll then know when your website gets the most visitors, you can then aim your marketing towards this time of year (Mothers day, Fathers day, Christmas, Easter, etc.).

If you go to your website's bounce rates you will see what pages visitors enter your site on and then leave immediately. From this data you can check the search engine description and page title that is being given and see if it's actually of relevancy, because if not - this may be why people don't stay on your website and explore.

Look at your percentage of website exits next. If it's an external payment page then it's hard to tell whether they left your website to go to PayPal or World Pay to pay, or whether they didn't like your pitch page and so just closed the website.

If they left because they didn't like a pitch page then this means you need to offer them something more, or word it differently to try and make some sales.

You can see what keywords and key phrases are being used to find your website and so you can optimise for the keywords that aren't currently in this list - or those that are just a bit further down the list and not getting such a high percentage of click through rates.

Links to your website should also be shown as referral websites. This can show you which social network is generating the most traffic for you, or what websites your visitors are also interested in.

These website analytics can show so much information and can help you to tweak the pages for the best results and hopefully improve the amount of sales.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialists will also ask to see your analytics so that they know what's working, what's not and will then recommend the next steps.

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