Website funnel model

16 April 2009

The website funnel model is a funnel shaped model of how visitors interact with your website.

Website funnel model

From the funnel model (above) you can see that a website has the potential to get a lot of website visitors.

Of these website visitors a few less will actually stay on the website and make an enquiry using some kind of contact method through an email or phone call.

Fewer of these website visitors will go on to make a small sale on your website like a small audio or pdf download.

And finally only very small percentage of the original website visitors will go on to make a big sale - something like a seminar or training program that will be a lot more costly.

There are a lot of other steps within this funnel model that could be added such as a returning visitor, someone bookmarking your website, someone sharing your website on a social network, or other ways of interacting with the website.

Tracking a website's funnel model can be done by using an analytics application such as Google Analytics.

There are also ways with Google Analytics to setup funnels and goals which can track when a website visitor joins your path to sale, and at which step they decide to leave your website or get off of the sale pathway.

Finding out when people leave this sales pathway can help the website owner to tweak the copy and images on the page in order to try and raise the conversion rate to get a higher percentage of sales against the number of website visitors.

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