What every website should have

18 August 2009

A sitemap that can be submitted to Google - allowing Google to index every page on your website.

A custom "404 page cannot be found" page - making this useful would also be a good way to keep users on your website, e.g. A site search, a "did you mean".

Alt text for all images.

Useful link text for every hyperlink on your website. Don't use "click here" use "Find out more about Search Engines".

An analytics application that can track users activity on the website and so show you which parts need improving to increase the visitors chances of reaching a goal (newsletter sign-up, make a sale, contact us, etc...).

The most important  text at the top left - Google, like humans, reads left-to-right, top-to-bottom and so the first thing it reads should be the most important thing.


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