What is a trackback?

9 August 2009

A trackback is the exchange of hyperlinks between 2 blogs.

I write a blog entry called “Which is better, TypePad or Blogger?”

Next I write my opinion, facts about the 2 and a conclusion.

If someone else is writing a similar blog entry, they may find my blog entry and reference to it by placing my link on their blog entry.

When they submit their blog entry they will send a trackback ping to my blog entry saying “Joe Bloggs has written a blog entry and has referenced your blog entry”.

The trackback ping will be sent to a unique trackback URL.

My trackback URL will then send back either a success or error response to notify the originating website of the trackback's status.

When someone next views my blog entry they will see there’s a trackback from Joe Bloggs website, which they can then view and get Joe Bloggs’ opinion on the topic as well.

The trackback allows someone who reads my blog entry, and finds it interesting, to then go onto another blog entry, of the same topic/interest, and read their views/opinions.

Trackbacks are a great way to link build, get your link mentioned on a lot of different people’s website, get more traffic – and most of which is of interest because they took the time to read the original blog entry.


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