What's wrong with Internet Explorer?

22 February 2009

Internet Explorer has always been a very popular web browser and this is probably because Microsoft Windows comes with Internet Explorer built in, and already set as the default web browser.

A few reasons why I advise against Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Websites are not rendered correctly
  • The CSS box model is not followed
  • A lot of CSS syntax is not recognised and so doesn't display the website correctly
  • When a new version of Internet Explorer is available it won't automatically update itself and install the newest version - which is why a lot of people still use Internet Explorer 6 which is virtually impossible to compensate for these days
  • Internet Explorer has had major security breaches, as shown on BBC
  • It's Microsoft and so probably doesn't go through any testing phases
  • There aren't as many extensions and add-ons as other web browsers

Instead of Internet Explorer I would recommend

Internet Explorer 8 is now ready for people to download and start using also - however there is likely to still be some minor bugs as its only in RC1 (Release Candidate 1) status. Release candidate software is ready to be evaluated by users while it undergoes final testing.


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