Where to submit your applications

3 April 2009

As well as website design and website development I also used to do a lot of Visual Basic programming.

I still do some now and again - but not half as much as I used to!

The applications that I built I thought I would put online to see what happened and if anyone would actually download them... Which they did!

I first published my applications on a website that I use for pretty much any downloading, download.com

To Add my applications I first had to go to upload.com and create a profile, then a company, and then start submitting my applications.

I submitted 6 applications all together and from download.com my applications were passed onto other sites that were part of the CNET group.

My applications ended up getting listed on lots of websites, including international ones.

This did my website wonders with the amount of links back to it and the amount of link juice being passed to me which managed to get my website to a PageRank of 2.

Because my applications did so well I continued to submit them to websites, but never found any website anywhere near as helpful as download.com

The only problem I now have is that because I submitted the applications so long ago, my website has now changed. This was ok for the UK websites as they updated my information when I updated it online at upload.com, however, the international websites have failed to update my details - and even after about 8 months of pestering emails they have not conformed and updated my website listing internationally.

For this reason I have lost out on a lot of link juice which could have build my PageRank even higher - and for this reason I am very cautious about using this website from now on.


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