Why do I need FTP access to my website?

12 April 2009

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the method used for uploading and downloading to and from a website.

When a website is built FTP access will be needed by the website developer to upload the new website.

But why would you, the end user, need FTP access to your own website?

FTP access means that if one day you decide you want an update made to your website, or a complete re-design - you don't need to go back to the original developer, but instead you could find someone else to do the job for you cheaper.

If you decide you want to keep analytical data of your website you will need the FTP details to download your web pages, add the Google Analytics Urchin (or other analytical method) and then you will need to FTP to upload the page again afterwards.

As well as Google Analytics, you may also want to add Google Webmaster Tools which requires you to verify your website by either adding a line of code to your home page or uploading a new file, you may want to edit your sitemap to reflect new/different pages, or you may want to add a robots.txt file to stop Google and other search engines from crawling certain areas of your website.

Even if you never use it - it's always worth having your FTP details to your website, just in case you'll need it sometime in the future.


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