Why promote someone else's blog?

30 April 2009

Why re-invent the wheel?

If a blog entry has all already been written why go out there and re-write the same information but in your own words?

Surely linking to the blog that's already been written would be a lot quicker and a lot less hassle.

Plus linking to someone else's blog entry will show blog readers that you do take the time to go out there and read other people's blog entries, rather than just concerntrating on your own.

Linking to someone else's blog gives you credibility for linking to a good source. This doesn't mean that you never need to write another blog entry again, but if the hard work has already been done surely you can just write a few lines summarising the blog and then link to the actual article?

Avoid duplication on the Internet - the worst thing is reading the same blog over and over but written in a different way by a different person.

If you don't want to lose your blog reader altogether then you can add a target of "_blank" which will open the link in a new window. Also, check the blog that you're linking to, and if it has the functionality is there then send it a trackback to show that you're linking to their blog.


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