Why subscribe to RSS feeds?

30 January 2009

RSS feeds are methods of staying up to date with the latest goings on of a website.

You would most often find RSS feeds on news websites, so that you can get the latest news updates straight away, and user involvement pages such as blogs and forums, so that you know when someone comments your blog or replies to your forum post.

Subscribing to RSS feeds is easy to do, just click on the orange RSS icon (or other image that the website may offer) and then select the RSS feed reader application that you want to use.

The RSS feed readers are applications that will store lots of feeds and keep them all in chronological order for the user and will mark which ones are read/unread.

I personally use Google Reader, but other applications include Outlook, Thuderbird, Live Bookmarks, My Yahoo, Bloglines, and many more.

Within your RSS feed reader application (although I haven't tested them all) you should be able to manage your feeds by folders of interest, star your favourite items, and on Google you even have the chance to share your favourite RSS feeds with the rest of the Internet through a public sharing page, for example, my shared Google Reader page is www.google.com/reader/shared/15586057576910103121

Once all your RSS feeds are in one place you can read through them at your leisure and then click through to read more on the most interesting subjects to you.


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